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Support Revival Child Care Ministries, Uganda

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How this will help

Imagine giving your own salary to feed starving orphans while watching your own children go without.  Well that is what is happening at Revival Child Care Ministries, Uganda. 

These children desperately need our help!

Can you pledge to sponsor one or more children for just $45/mo.? Go to  This would provide desperately needed food, water, clothing, shelter, education and medical care...

Can't afford to donate, but you still want to help?

Living Zoe is a FREE and easy to use E-commerce platform that allows you to turn your shopping power into humanitarian aid.  EVERY time you click on this link and shop from over 800 retailers, donations are being made to support Revival Child Care Ministries, Uganda.  It has never been easier to help those in desperate need!

Imagine just 200 hundred people who pledge to use this custom link EVERY time you shop online who spend just $500/mo. on their usual purchases.  That will deliver $5,000/mo. in desperately needed funds!  If you shop for groceries, you CAN help! Save this link to your browser and click on it EVERY time you shop!

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