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Tell my friends and family that the clean energy revolution is not only possible, it's here!

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We are well on our way to powering the world with clean energy and leaving fossil fuels in the dust. But we need everyone to know the good news since there are still plenty of climate deniers looking to block new renewable energy projects in favor of climate-killing carbon and natural gas projects.

Here are some juicy facts to share with your friends and family-and even your local climate denier- about the clean energy revolution!

  • In 2012, more than half of all new power plants built were for renewable sources like wind and solar.  
  • Enough sunlight falls on Earth's surface every hour to meet global energy demand for a year
  • Wind farms currently produce enough electricity in the US to power 600,00 homes
  • Iowa is one of the leading wind energy producers with 24 percent of its energy coming from wind in 2012.
  • For every wind and solar farm built, coal power is replaced significantly reducing health and climate impacts.
  • A solar powered plane just took a historic flight from San Francisco to New York


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