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Ministro dell'Interno Angelino Alfano


As a European Citizen / International Tourist, i will like you to ask you to enfort your police, not to random arrest and kick from your country peacefull protesters.

Much people has allready being evicted for more than 3 years from your territory just for being besides peacefull protesters, based on the art.20 30/07 D.L without having injured, stealed, neithe killed no one.

I think based on the Human Rights, and the European Constitution, police shouldn't use this abuse to sort the leak of democratic solutions in your country.

I add this letter in italian that shows the bad experience of an European Peacefull Citizen recently in your territory:

Hoping you will read it, and try to find the best democratic and civilized solution for the good relations between the european countries, and those who comes from outside trying to help your country to sort your social, cultural, political, economic and ecological problems.

Thank you very much.


Enrique Gasch Peña

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Singing this petition, can help you walking free over Italy, if you don't break the law.

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