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Claire & Gussie are safe in their new Loving home with Rachael!  
Thank you everyone who helped spread the word, its because of your continued support bunnies like this are rescued! 

Desperate help needed in rescuing a Handicapped Rabbit named Gussie and her sister Claire from a Kill Shelter! 
 Currently the Bonded Girls are at Wake County Animal Shelter in Raleigh, NC.   

They have a potential home in (NW) Atlanta GA with an experienced rabbit rescuer and caretaker of special needs rabbits, but we need someone to pull them from the shelter ASAP before they are separated or euthanized.

We also need help with transporting them to NW Atlanta.
If you could help with temp foster or driving any portion of the way - Please contact Rachael
[email protected] or 770-597-1562

The Rabbits are Not at the SPCA Shelter, they are at the Wake County Animal Shelter:

Gussie and Claire were originally posted on Craigslist, we tracked them to the Wake Shelter, Please help them get to their forever home!

According to the House Rabbit Society you should never separate bonded rabbits under any circumstances.  To do so would be as cruel as separating a loving human husband and wife, never to see each other again.  Rabbits are very monogamous, and form incredibly strong bonds with their rabbit partners.  The stress of the bereavement simply causes them to shut down and give up, rabbits have been known to die of grief when separated from a beloved companion.  It is a terrible way to die, and a terrible thing to witness.  Be sure your bonded rabbits remain a pair, even if it means taking a bit longer to find the right home.

Thank you for your continued support,

For The Rabbits,
Linda Sue


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