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The Honorable Assemblyman Richard Gordan

We call on the California State Assembly to protect the California public's health. The bill SB218 is a threat to the safety of acupuncture patients everywhere.

We, acupuncturists and patients, are opposed to the bill SB218 for the following reasons:

1. This bill would pose a tremendous risk for the general public. SB 218 would irresponsibly allow an inadequately trained group to be certified as a "Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) traumatologist". This bill would certify them as TCM specialists but would not require them to undergo the proper full TCM education. This would be equivalent to allowing people to call themselves "orthopedic surgeons" without requiring them to go to medical school and earn an M.D.

2. This bill would confuse the general public between these "unlicensed therapists" with licensed, qualified acupuncturists who completed a Master or Doctorate education and passed a strict licensing examination. According to the Business and Professions Code Section 2935-4949, Traditional Chinese Medicine traumatology is already part of a certified acupuncturists's training in the curriculum.

On May 29, 2013 the bill of SB-218, Yee Healing Arts, was passed in State Senate, and it has been submitted to State Assembly.

Stop this bill from passing. Protect patients in California and their safety.


Hidenori Anto

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Richard Gordan is a member of the Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee in the California State Assembly. Call on him and others in the committee to defend California's patients and their safety.

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