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Take Action - to help ban Animal Gas Chambers

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Take Action - Help Ban Animal Gas Chambers.

What we strive hard to do>>

Banning the inhumane practice of gassing shelter Animals & working for shelter reform.

In many shelters in the U.S, there is a cruel method of "euthanasia" (killing) involving placing animals in a gas chamber without sedation where they suffocate to death. 

In some shelters, cats are piled in with dogs, small dogs are mixed in with large dogs, they put live dogs on top of dead ones and they all fight each other for the last breath of air.

This page is not for one animal, it's about the rights of thousands! 

Unfortunately euthanasia is part of life in most shelters, as much as we would like to change that, most realise that, until there are major changes in our society this will remain to be the case BUT what we must all do is ensure that it is done in the most humane way possible.

The MAP featured comes from the fb page and all material and information has been painstakingly gathered by the wonderful Animal Advocates who run the group.

Link: Take Action - Help Ban Animal Gas Chambers.


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