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ONU, OEA, Congreso de la Unión de México, A.L.D.F.

Deeply concerned by the magnitude of damages inflicted by prohibitionist policies we the people of the world condemn this treaty.There is no known lethal dosage of mariguana known to pharmacology.We mariguana users are a culture dating back 6000 years ago to the Hindu Valley and to China.Today we have grow clubs and the internet.Mariguana trade should be legal.Mexico could compete for the Uruguay and the Check Republic market. Not to forget the production that will not be sold to the USA, as the States grow their own crops.We believe growers are now being forced to produce unsanitary low quality, unsafe hemp sold as mariguana.Cancer patients are forced to deal with criminal dealers in narcotienditas.Cannabis mariguana recreational users are a culture today globally.We urge the UN, the permanent assembly, the Security council and all signing member countries to revise URGENTLY mariguana statistics and weigh them against illicit traffic.Stop enforcing the laws derived from this treaty NOW


Javiera Morales

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