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*We are asking you to contact your local media outlets, TV Radio, & Print to request coverage of this incident, it will make Delta be accountable for their actions. For a copy of the official press release write to [email protected]

My name is Baraka Kanaan, and in July, 2012, I was subjected to horrifying and dehumanizing treatment at the hands of Delta Airlines. Because of an accident and the subsequent continuing degenerative disc disease in my spine, I am required to use a wheelchair to get around. On two occasions a few days apart, I was forced to crawl through Delta's aircraft, up and down the stairs of its airplane, and across the tarmac to retrieve my wheelchair because they were unwilling or unable to get access to the federally-required aisle wheelchair and the lift to raise and lower me from the plane.

I didn't seek out this experience, nor do I wish to be the poster child for the mistreated, but someone has to take a stand (as it were) against this outrageous behavior. Delta not only harmed my physical body, but the humiliation and utter embarrassment of having to crawl twice for no reason other than their neglect has also left my emotions deeply scarred. No one, able bodied or not, should have to endure such abuse. What will it take for this behavior on Delta's part to stop, and when will they chose to do what is right? Not only by me, but by the thousands like me who have little recourse when Delta ignores their customers, which have a right to be accommodated.

They neglect their duty to the public, and especially to those with disabilities. It is shameful to allow corporate bullies cart blanche; this civil rights violation needs to be corrected, and compensation to the victims should be compulsory and forthcoming. I'm asking all those who would stand with us to boycott Delta until they make a gesture of good will that goes beyond simply empty words on an empty page.

Sincerely, Dr.  Baraka  Kanaan

Capitol Crawl Incident

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