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Do one act of kindness each week

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How this will help

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Send someone the recipe for that dish you know he'll love
  • Offer your babysitting services so the parents can have a night out
  • If you're fashionable, help your less fashionable friends buy clothes or pick outfits
  • Talk with and get to know the cashier at your local coffee shop
  • Lend your friend a book you think she would enjoy
  • Invite your neighbors over for brunch
  • Write a thank-you note on the receipt
  • Send your friends photos from a trip you took together to remind them of good times
  • Teach someone to play a song on the guitar
  • Give your old clothes and nicknacks to Goodwill
  • Remove lint from the lint screen in the dryer
  • Help someone file his taxes, set up his wireless network, or do some other chore he's been putting off
  • Give blood
  • Create a playlist for a friend and send it to her

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