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Nearly one in three recent vets has considered suicide

Nearly one in three post-9/11 veterans – 30 percent – has considered suicide.
Forty-five percent of those who served Iraq and Afghanistan know a veteran who has thought about taking his or her own life. And 37 percent know a veteran who has committed suicide.

Those grim statistics are among the results of a new survey released
Wednesday conducted by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA.) The study, which IAVA does annually, also found deep unhappiness at how lawmakers in Washington treats those who put their lives on the line in combat.

How's President Barack Obama doing? By a lopsided 66-25 percent margin,
respondents disagreed or strongly disagreed with the notion that he listens
enough to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Thirteen percent professed no

Asked to rate Obama's performance on improving the lives of Iraq and
Afghanistan veterans, 44 percent of respondents said poor, 31 percent said fair, 20 percent said good and 5 percent said excellent.
That's not nearly as bad as Congress, though: Fully 80 percent disagreed or
strongly disagreed with the notion that lawmakers listen enough against just 9
percent who agreed or strongly agreed. Eleven percent weren't sure.

NBC Reporter Mocks PTSD Veterans

New Jersey Supreme Court Allows Veteran To Be Mocked For His Combat PTSD

How One State Disgracefully Discriminates Against a PTSD Vet

It's time to stop discrimination against America's PTSD Veterans.

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