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Dear Friends, Family and Allies,

It has been over four years since I actively joined the Tibetan Freedom movement and it all started from meeting a young Tibetan female activist whose support in helping me start my own Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) chapter at my university kick-started my passion for social justice. From seeing how confident, intelligent and passionate she was in her work and her stance for a free Tibet, I too desired to be a part of a movement that created strong leaders like her.

Throughout my years with SFT I have been trained and encouraged to learn and push myself to take leadership roles in grassroots organizing to create social change. The work that SFT does supports and encourages young people to take the lead in a movement that not only empowers them but also helps them grow into strategic activists and bright leaders of tomorrow. You've all been with me through the years to know that I have been fortunate enough to have received opportunities to go aboard to train and gain more knowledge about the Tibetan movement. Now I ask that you help me in supporting the next generation of Tibetan activists also access those opportunities to keep the fight for Tibet's independence alive. 

This August 10th, as I turn 24 years old, please help me raise $500 so that other young Canadians will get the opportunity to train for youth organizing in Germany. I want to support this training so that more and more young activists can directly be involved in taking action for Tibetan freedom.

I want to dedicate my 24th birthday to helping these new up and coming leaders in the movement to get the chance to go to this year's Free Tibet! Action Camp and I hope that you will stand with me in making this possible.

In Solidarity,

Rinchen Dolma

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