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Hi Family and Friends,

   India has been on my heart this past year. Every day, I learn more about the culture and about the country. My Outlook inbox gets daily updates on Indian news (Hindustani Times). I've been learning one of India's most widely spoken languages (Hindi) for 5 months now and have made some really awesome language friends via Skype because of it! It also helps to have such a supportive older sister to encourage me and to teach me about India culture (she lived there for a few months in college). I'm even getting decent at writing the devanagari (देवनागरी) script thanks to her. If you've talked to me recently about it, I'm sure I've doodled weird characters in the dust on your car, yelled awkward phrases and then proudly translated what I could, sang Bollywood songs to you or just ranted about how I'm fascinated with India! But why!!?

I'm totally jazzed to invite you on an adventure. I will be traveling to India in mid-October for two weeks with showing the love of Christ to a little rural village in the desert being the goal. This little village, complete with cows, monkeys, snakes and everything is in a religiously oppressive region where Christians aren't liked all that much! I'm a little scared because I've never faced any heartache for my belief in Jesus. I'm just sipping a taste of what believers all around the world live daily. 

This country and its people have become a passion of mine, one I firmly believe the Lord is using for his glory. I'm trying hard to lean on Gods faithfulness, really trusting that when he calls us into something (anything, honestly), we need to release control and let him drive. I find myself being so proud lately. I just purchased a house, I'm working full time at a job that I really enjoy, my free time is filled with good and interesting activities, and I have to actively remind myself that God needs to be at the center of it all. It's a daily challenge to trust God with this trip, let alone with my own life! I want to trust Him! I want to serve. I'm putting my action where my mouth is and am going. 

The Ankoor Children's Home in beautiful central India will be putting up our motley crew of 5 while we're there. Along with teaching and helping out around the grounds, we will be visiting a few local tribal villages. The focus of the trip will be loving the children we encounter. Also, it's to help find these little people sponsors when our group returns to the US. The total cost of the trip is roughly $2,600, all of which i need by the beginning of October. Any money you donate goes straight to the cost of the trip (Serve The Children), not to me. I'm asking folks to pray for me and for our group as we depart for our trip. Will you partner with me?   

I am beyond excited for this opportunity. I can't wait to go. But I need help. Please support me!       

[Jesus] told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." - Luke 10:2 

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