Sign the Petition to Tell Rep. Ed Royce to help give children a future without war!

As the Foreign Affairs Chairperson please support H.R. 198, The Repeal of the Authorization for Use of Military Force Act.



"I was with my friends -- we're all poor, innocent people. I was a few meters away getting some water from the nearby water hand pump and as I was returning the bang happened. By the time I opened my eyes I saw myself injured and saw bodies of my other friends laying on the ground."

-Naweed Tanha, 17, was injured in a blast and taken to the EMERGENCY Surgical Center in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

Signing this petition in support of H.R. 198 is an act of solidarity in support of our fellow civilians and their children in Afghanistan, Iraq and other areas where endless war is being waged by the executive branch of the United States Government. 

As the sponsor of H.R. 198 (The Repeal of the Authorization for Use of Military Force Act) Congressperson Barbara Lee has said, "My bill already has more than thirty congressional co-sponsors. But public show of support for this effort is critical now."

All signatures will be delivered in person to the Committee on Foreign Affairs office in Washington DC for Congressperson Ed Royce.


EMERGENCY USA - Life Support for Civilian Victims of War and Poverty is the US based operations of the international medical humanitarian organization EMERGENCY, which was founded in Italy in 1994 and has treated over 6 million people with high-standard free-of-charge medical and surgical care in war zones and promotes a culture of peace, solidarity and respect for human rights worldwide. To learn more visit: To contact us, email Further reading on civilian casualties of war. 


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