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How this will help

It's easy to take action to show you support the troops!

Every year, after congress meets, they go back to their offices to decide which bills to introduce next year. It takes all year to get through their processes of writing the bills, discussing the issues and getting support from other legislators. Now is the time to get the requests in. If you want to help, now is the time and I've made it very easy. Download the Legislative Request and email it to your Congress members. This is not a form to be filled out but a full study and specific request for legislative change.

It's that simple and easy to do:

Click Here on the link to Facebook for the legislative request. You can also find it on the Protect Veterans Benefits page at Then all you need to do is go to your State website and look up your legislators. They will typically list both your State and Federal House Reps and Senators. Each of them has an email address where you email this document to them and request in your own words that you would like to see this bill introduced in the next session to stop the discrimination.

By taking the pledge you are thanking every man and woman who has served our country in a way that really matters. Together we can stop the discrimination against our soldiers, veterans and their families.

Don't forget to invite your friends to take the pledge!

Thank you!


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