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How this will help

We believe one book can change one's life.

The idea is very simple. You read, you liked the book, and you want someone else to feel the same way you did ? There are so many people in Kosovo that would love to read those books, they would love to share your knowledge excitement  but have no opportunity.  You can help us by just buying the same book, or send the one you read before. 

Send your favorite book , send your love to Kosovo. 

We are looking for first 100 readers from all over the World that will purchase, and send their books to their young Kosovar readers.  The first 100's names will remain very special to our cause, and country of  Kosovo . The first senders will be the starters of this great cause. This will be a great example of  taking  a very little action,  and making  a big difference in people lives.

For more information please contact 

Edis Shekagji

e-mail: [email protected]

phone: +1 (816) 718-5194

Kansas City , MO

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