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For my 30th birthday on August 28th ! want to do something BIG! I have been able to be part of the Push to the Finish group of runners. The mission of the group is to provide an opportunity for children with physical disabilities to be able to experience the enjoyment, competition, and sense of accomplishment of participating in a road race. They pair up an able bodied pusher/runner with a disabled child in a stroller. The runners do not get racing #'s only the child. There is no age limit for the child and there is no charge to them. Everything is paid for by donations. I would love to raise as much money for this organization as I can for my birthday. I absolutely love what they do and just want to give something back to say thanks. If you can donate any amount it will be appreciated. Thanks for your support <3

ps. If possible when you donate type my name in the comments box if possible thanks for your help

Love Elsha Stockseth

"Every child deserves a champion - an adult who will never give up on them."-Angela Green (PTTF Runner)

Our Legs – Their Heart-Push to the Finish

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