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Help these dogs find homes and contribute to their boarding expenses

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How this will help

Ariel, Ava, Astra, Casper and Mimi are 5 dogs rescued from the brink of death.

Currently in the boarding house these 5 babies are looking for a real, loving & forever home. Being only 6 months old they have experienced a lot until now. Taken from one place to another, from one person to another, they have finally settled in nicely. They are learning to trust people, act and play like puppies, not worrying about anything. However, their safety depends on us and good people who are willing to help them stay safe.

Boarding house costs 40€ per dog.

It is really urgent to vaccinate them as we cannot risk inspection that could take them away.

Please SHARE their STORIES to find loving HOMES for them as these babies need people who will LOVE and CARE for them.

Please consider DONATING towards their boarding house costs, spaying and vaccination.

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