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Stop the disrespect and abuse of our elderly.

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How this will help

A new voice is needed for our Elderly...a grass roots effort to show people that we need to respect and love our Elderly. It is time for all of us to unite and take a stand against the disrespect and abuse of our elderly.

Here is my voice, in words.  I am calling on everyone to stop being selfish, and be selfless when it comes to our elderly. 

I see a monster around us, and the monster is abusive.

The monster does not have compassion inside.  The monster is cold with no heart. The monster is manipulative.  The monster is selfish, not selfless.

  • Fact:  Did you know that between 1 and 2 million Americans age 65 or older have been injured, exploited, or otherwise mistreated by someone on whom they depended for care or protection.  And the number is growing.

The monster is greedy! It steals from our Elderly.  It steals their money right from their own hands and bank accounts.  It steals their personal belongings right in front of their eyes.  It even steals their homes.

  • Fact:  The annual financial loss for all reported victims of elder abuse is around $2.9 billion dollars.

The monster is cruel! It tosses aside our Elderly, ripping them from their homes.  It places them into a nursing home where they are not visited, not well cared for, not people.  They are lonely, and wanting someone to talk to.  They are neglected and need someone to care for them.

  • Fact:  Nearly 1 in 3 U.S. nursing homes were cited for violations of federal standards that had potential to cause harm or that had caused actual harm to a resident.

The monster is not courteous!  It is disrespectful, and impatient.  It does not allow our Elderly to pass by when they are struggling to walk with their walkers and oxygen tanks.  A mob of monsters will block them, becoming obstacles they must go around.  The mob moves towards them like a wave of destruction, nearly knocking our Elders over, as if the Elderly are not even there.

  • Fact:  There is a new prejudice in the world called Agism, It is a prejudice against our Elderly. Those who practice this prejudice do so with the same disrespect and ignorance as the other prejudices in the world.

The monster hurts with its words!  It takes away hope and joy by telling our Elderly they won't get better, or by telling them they are not useful anymore; that they are old, weak and frail.  The monster is angry and spiteful and will even yell and scream at our Elderly just to make the monster fell in control and in power.  

  • Fact:  Nearly 2 million Elderly are verbally abused each year.  The monster is manipulative!  

The monster will make our Elderly believe it is in need by crying as if its world is at an end.  The monster lies, saying it needs this or that to survive.

  • Fact:  Nearly 25% of the Elderly are psychologically abused each year.

The monster is violent!  Slapping, hitting, causing pain to our Elderly.

  •  Fact:  Over 2 million Elderly are Physically abused each year.

The monster is no longer inside.  It is right here in front of us.

We are the monsters! We have no respect, no courtesy, no compassion for our Elderly.  

We are selfish, abusive, and cruel!I

It is time for a change!  It is time for us to banish the monsters inside us!It is time to take action!  It is time for us to cage the beast !It is time to stop the the abuse, and start the healing!

I know these words seem harsh, but they are nothing compared to the abuse, disrespect, and prejudice that happens each day against the elderly.  I am only one voice, few can hear me. But togethor our voices can become a roar, which will be heard all around the world.  Only then will the prejudice, abuse, and disrespect stop.  Join me in saving our elderly.  join me in showing them WE DO CARE.

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