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Federal way Animal control

Hello! my name is Ava and I am 12. I have two Pygmy goats that live with me in Federal Way, WA. Ever since I was 3 I have wanted a goat. My mom said when I was 9, I could have one. So when I turned 9 my mom got me a Pygmy goat as a pet. For the past 3 years, Lilly has lived in the house with me. A year ago, Animal Control tried to come and take my baby away from me. They couldnt legally because she is an emotional support animal. They backed off. Now we have juju. We got juju because we found out that goats do better in twos so they became companions. Now a couple of weeks ago, they came to take away juju from me. It is not legal to have pygmy goats, but we did not know that before we got Lilly. I am trying now to make goats legal in Federal Way and am looking for support. Maybe if i get a lot of signatures on here, they will realize that i have many people backing me up, If you have any questions or comments please refrain from saying negative things. Thank you


Ava Anissipour

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How this will help

I hope everyone will sign because my heart would be broken if they took away by babies.


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