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Dump Stoli and ask my bar to stop serving Russian vodka

This pledge closed almost 6 years ago

How this will help

The Russian government is waging a war on the LGBTQ community and their allies. Violence against these groups in Russia has been escalating, and more people are going to jail and being beaten for any demonstrations of gay pride. 

If we cannot change the Russian Government with reason, we can do it by impacting their pockets.

If you drink a Russian Vodka like Stoli, or Russian Standard, switch to another brand from another country, or even a local brand from a local distillery. Stoli is the iconic Russian Vodka and it's returning to Russian ownership in 2014. Other brands like Russian Standard should also be boycotted. Do not drink Russian vodka. Do not buy Russian vodka. Ask your bartender at your favorite bar—gay or otherwise—to DUMP STOLI and DUMP RUSSIAN VODKA. [1]

Together we can ask bars across the country to dump Stoli. If you get a bar in your city to drop the vodka, leave the name if it in the comments and we'll send out an update with our successes! 

[1]: Matt Fikse-Verkerk, creater of #dumpstoli.


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