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Sign the upcoming Petition to Mssrs Priebus, Boehner and McConnell if we can generate 100 commitment

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How this will help

Do you think the GOP Leadership is becoming more and more disconnected with its grassroots base  (i.e. YOU) ?   Are you willing to sign a Petition to Mssrs.  Priebus, Boehner and McConnell to tell them?  If yes, please sign this 'pledge' first, so we can have at least 100 signatures on the actual Petition which will basically be the same message as given below.


 Mssrs. Priebus, Boehner and McConnell:   

 We think you're dropping your/our principles  to try to acquire more GOP votes in the upcoming elections.  While a stronger GOP vote is an exemplary  and necessary goal - - we think the path you seem to be on will end badly on 2 counts:

 1.  we must stick rigorously to our Principles or we have nothing of value to advocate. 

 2.  we hear friends complaining that the GOP has abandoned its base and they, in turn, will be staying home at election time or looking at Independent candidates.   

But there is much in our governance to be fixed.  Obamacare, Amnesty, Unconstitutional Laws, Government Spending and Debt.   Moreover, there's much more that's amiss: political shenanigans from the Left, e.g. obtuse 2000 page bills; sleazy Executive Orders that bypass Congress; IRS political meddling; Benghazi baloney; failing to enforce laws the Administration doesn't support; Writing laws that are then sent to unelected  Agencies to fill in the specifics;  etc. etc.   

 You 3 individuals currently represent our Party and while there are many Congressmen trying to do the right thing - - you are failing to support them - - in fact, it appears you are working to undercut them.  But we want you to know, you're continually leaving Conservative and principled loyalists behind.  

Yet Congress has the ultimate "power of the purse".  Stand on Principle!  Don't approve 1 penny for any and every government activity of questionable Constitutionality, bigger government, or erosion of Citizen freedom.  Be prepared to take multiple matters to the Supreme Court if required.   We beseech you to lead and advocate based on full alignment to our Principles and  basic morality. Please straighten up and fly right.  Presently, it appears to us you're blissfully heading towards a steep precipice leading to a bottomless abyss. How about a true return to Principles - - not just in every word - - but in every deed, every vote, every political action, every interview and with all the strength you can muster?  Our Nation seriously  needs that effort and integrity. 


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