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Please read Zora's story, take a pledge and help her find a loving home. Zora is a female dog that was found all alone in an abandoned area of Novi Sad, Serbia, called Klisa, where Mariana Culum is taking care of dumped strays. She has hind legs that are in X position and her back left leg is atrophied. It is not in use for walk, it is in a crossed position over back right leg, to which is relied. When she was taken to the Vet, prognosis was that her condition is a consequence of crushed pelvis and that is a miracle how Zora can even walk at all! :/ There is nothing that can be fixed, everything is fused. It will remain like permanent handicap. 

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But beside this Zora is a healthy dog without health problems. She is a dog with great temper, socialized, quiet and extremely tame, loves to cuddle, committed to people and get along with other dogs. She is a bigger size dog, weighs round 25 kg (~61 pounds), about 4 years old, lovely spirit, constantly running around, loves to bark on birds …quickly adjust to new environment and isn't demanding dog for keeping. She is cleaned from external and internal parasites vaccinated against infectious diseases and rabies, sterilized.

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For now Zora is in broad housing but we need to find permanent solutions for her. Because situation in Serbia for strays is extremely hard no one has adopted her :/ …So we are hoping with Your help to find Zora a loving home.



Thank You All! ♥



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