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PRAYER FOR EMOTIONAL STABILITY:  Jesus, you spoke to the roaring sea and said, "Peace, be  still".  The sea became quiet as you commanded.  Lord, my emotions are  raging like a sea in the midst of a hurricane.  Your Word says that life  and death are in the power of the tongue.  In the authority of the name  of Jesus, I speak to my emotional state.  Be at peace, in Jesus' name.  I ask that your Holy Spirit over-shadow me now, manifesting peace in  every area of my life.  I pray that I would feel your presence all  around me.  Thank you that I can come to you and ask for what I need.  Your Word says that you will hear me and that you will answer.  I  believe you have heard my prayer and I receive your goodness.  In Jesus'  name I pray, Amen

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