Sign the Petition to West Australian Premier Colin Barnett, Prime Minister Tony Abbott,

Australian citizens demand Federal and State governments protect our native flora and fauna from feral animals and invasive species. Australian citizens demand the federal government holds a National Summit on Feral Animals and Invasive Species urgently. Australian citizens demand the West Australian State Government introduces cat ownership legislation as well as immediately introduce feral cat and invasive species legislation.


Craig Doudle & Damien Hirsch

There is an estimated 2 million to 12 million feral cats living in West Australia alone. Each cat consumes roughly 1000 insects, small birds and reptiles, as well as a variety of small marsupials, including Australian iconic bilbies, per annum. Many of the cat's victims are some of our most rare and unique wildlife. Currently in Western Australia no legislation exist to protect our vulnerable, rare and endangered species. There is no national policy on feral animal and invasive species. This is costing the children of Australia's future to enjoy the benefits and joys our unique Australian wildlife has to offer. Over 250 known species of wildlife are now extinct in Australia since the arrival of the domestic cat. Australia's government's inability and out-of-sight, out-of-mind attitude to commit to a national policy has seen our native wildlife pay a hefty price and soon there will be no native species left.


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