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Technology in cars is amazing, an alarm goes off if you leave your headlights on or if your car gets too close to another car parking. A picture flashes on the dashboard and alarm goes off if you don't put your seatbelt on. But even with all this technology, there are no safety devices for children left in cars. Automakers can combine the technology that already exists, weight sensors (they are in the front for your seatbelts) and alarms to help save children. If the keys are taken out of the ignition and the child isn't taken out of the car within forty seconds, a alarm will go off. Just like when you leave your headlights on and you take your keys out, an alarm sounds.

I want our congress to pass a bill for this safety measure to be installed in cars. This will help save approximately thirty seven kids that die a year and many more. I plan on sending this petition to every senator in Congress.


Sarah Gilaman

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How this will help

To protect the best thing society has- our children.


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