Sign the Petition to The Division of Water Quality of the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources

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The Division of Water Quality of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has filed a lawsuit against Duke Energy about the leakage occurring at the coal plant in Asheville, NC and the Riverbend coal plant on Mountain Island Lake. 

Recently, Duke Energy and DENR have proposed a settlement to address Riverbend's leaking coal ash lagoons that are polluting groundwater and the Mountain Island Lake, and at the French Broad River beside the coal ash pond at Asheville Coal Plant. In this sweetheart deal, the utility to keeps dumping wet coal ash in unlined lagoons beside the river while it conducts more studies of its past contamination.  

These two power plants' old coal ash lagoons sprawl over dozens of acres along the French Broad River and Mountain Island Lake, and hold back millions of tons of harmful coal ash. The ash lagoons, which have been seeping for decades, have contaminated groundwater with thallium, selenium and other toxic substances.  Based on years' worth of documentation, and prompted by our threat to sue Duke earlier this year, DENR sued Duke and said that the unlawful pollution caused by the lagoons "poses a serious danger to the health, safety and welfare of the people of North Carolina" and "serious harm to the water resources of the State."

These ash ponds have been leaching into North Carolina waterways for far too long.  The proposed settlement is not enough. It does not require Duke to stop polluting groundwater, the French Broad River, and Mountain Island Lake. It does not require Duke stop the ongoing violations of the Clean Water Act. It allows Duke to perpetually delay cleanup in favor of more studies. It includes only a token fine of $99,000 that forgives years of documented illegal pollution by this multi-billion dollar company.

Duke Energy made the mess and now they need to clean it up.  Sign this petition to submit your comment to the Division of Water Quality demanding they make Duke clean up their mess.

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