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Nepal Animal Welfare and Research Center (NAWRC) is an organization newly established with the noble mission of Animal Welfare and Rights in Nepal. As a listed country in underdeveloped and developing countries, Nepalese people have very low concerns about the unnecessary suffering in Animals in the streets. As a global issues of human control of free roaming dog's population growth and minimize the rabies risk from canines in the community, it is able to gather the empathy in civilians for cruelty against community animals either pet, domestic or wild. When we saw the sufferings in animals unnecessarily, we felt sorry for what happened to them. But is this the right way we human react to the suffering actually? We know we have few resources and high willingness to support reducing their pain, sufferings and improve their petty condition. It is not possible to help all in need by a person, but if you help and other helped too, this can bring big change to their life! Please, help us in our mission to support those animals who are orphan, alone suffering and starving in the street waiting their measurable death if not provided medical care and proper food in time! Only a small support from you can save their life, help them find a better way to live their life!

If anyone is willing to help the innocent creature suffering hard without their fault and because of human misdeed and ignorance, please write me in email nawrc.org@gmail.com or post in our Facebook account - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nepal-Animal-Welfare-and-Research-Centre-NAWRC/188917751261948

or LinkedIn profile http://lnkd.in/-HTPy9

We will update our official website and other information as when we have finished it preparing.

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