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Stop using single-use plastic straws.

This pledge closed almost 5 years ago

How this will help

The average American uses 1.6 straws every day. That's over 502 million single-use plastic straws used every day that go directly to landfills. 

Did you know that single-use plastic straws are not recyclable? Plastic straws often end up as litter in public spaces. They are one of the top trash items found on beaches along with harmful plastic bags. 

We encourage you to say "no thanks" to single-use straws in restaurants and bars. Every straw you don't use is another straw diverted from our landfills, neighborhoods, and waterways. 

The 1:1 Movement is also partnering with restaurants all over the nation in New York, Austin, and San Diego to reduce straw use.  To date, 66 restaurants have pledged to only provide straws to customers who ask for them. That's over 1.2 million straws diverted every year.

Pledge today with The 1:1 Movement to stop using single-use plastic straws.


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