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For citizens in Vietnam, "Free" education is not so free. Internal corruption, pervasive censorship and interference are the norm. 

We must combat this poor educational equity with better information & communication technology (ICTs) accessible for all. 

There's an urgent need to have young learners understand the opportunities AND threats that looms with digital expansion and Internet penetration in Vietnam. We want want to focus on dynamic solutions that will positively influence communication and practices in the scholastic setting.  

In Vietnam, Internet usage and mobile phone access has nearly doubled from 2006 to 2011. This surge in Internet consumption has brought along with it new challenges. Low digital literacy amongst parents leads to unsupervised time on electronic devices for the child. This poses a threat to online child safety and puts them at greater security risks.

Negative exposure to digital content also bring about issues such as gaming addiction, debt, and coercion. 

It is crucial we focus attention on the impact of digital expansion on children. There's a world of possibilities with the Internet. In a survey by Unicef, more than half or urban children and one-third of rural children use the internet for education-related activities. 

Vietnam Relief Services fundraises to bring digital tools and resources to classrooms in underserved areas of Vietnam. We create curriculums that maximizes the benefits of the Internet, and have dedicated teachers that supervise the students to minimize potential threats. The goal is to have students graduate into responsible, empowered citizens of the digital evolution. 

Let's pledge to foster global dialogue in Vietnam, and all over the world, with our digital communities of neighbors and friends. 

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