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Do what I can to HELP FREE VANUNU and force Leaders to TNT

This pledge closed about 1 year ago

How this will help

We are 19,493 Members  strong THANKS to every ONE of you who have SHAREDTHIS CAUSE on Facebook, TWITTER, etc

This August 6th and 9th marks the 68th year since the US Government unleashed the most horrific act of terror upon innocent people and Mother Nature.   [ A little history HERE ]

TNT's 2 petitions close for signatures to mark that event so PLEASE continue to SHARE THIS CAUSE and ask your friends to sign both petitions:

Help end Whistleblower Vanunu's 10 year struggle for asylum

Free Mordechai Vanunu and Tell the Truth about Nuclear Weapons

When World 'Leaders' FAIL we the people of the WWW can lead them but first THE MEDIA must be forced to report the truth and YES YOU CAN Do Something by following and RETWEETING TNT's cybertrail with #VANUNU  HERE

PLEASE understand that when you take this pledge you are promising to go to TWITTER and search #VANUNU

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