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After the deliberate murder of our beloved Bingo by our neighbour I moved away to Portugal with my husband, little girl and pets to start a new life. We hadn't been here long when I started rescuing stray/ abandoned dogs and cats etc. which became known as Bingos animal sanctuary. Sadly my life has taken a turn for the worse as my husband turned abusive to me and the animals. I was put in a safe place by the police with my children as my son was over at that point too. All the animals were still on the land with my husband though and he was refusing to feed and water them so I had to try and sneak over twice daily to do this. We did have 32 animals on the land but sadly this number has now dropped as I have missing and dead animals. My children have now been returned to the UK for their safety which as a mum was heartbreaking to see them go but I know its for their own good. I have been left alone in a foreign country with no money and I cant and wont return until I can get the rest of the animals safely back to the UK with me as I didn't rescue to abandon again. Please can people find it in their hearts to join and share and help this cause to get the remaining animals back to the UK safely and to help reunite me with my children. Thankyou 


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