Sign the Petition to Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission, Tampa, Florida

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"Rape, suicide and child abuse - thank  God the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay exists in our community".  This is a typical comment we hear from those who learn about the work of the Crisis Center.     Last year, the Crisis Center offered help, hope and healing more than 180,000 times to people in crisis.  Contributions are essential, but we simply could not have made this kind of community impact without the revenue we receive from our social enterprise, TransCare Ambulance Service.  Few nonprofit organizations are able to generate their own revenue, but our ability to do this is at great risk.  Insurance reimbursement and citizens with the ability to pay continue to decline while the demand and expense of providing 9-1-1 ambulance services increases.    Currently, TransCare is prohibited from providing transportation to patients from one medical facility to another. These inter facility medical transports would generate significant revenue for the Crisis Center, allowing us to expand our 9-1-1 services and lessen our reliance on government grants or funding. The Public Transportation Commission (PTC) has seen fit to allow only 'for-profit' ambulance companies to provide this lucrative service in Hillsborough County, barring  non-profit TransCare from competing.


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