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The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) recently proposed new regulations to implement the Shark Conservation Act (SCA), which would require all U.S. caught sharks be landed with their fins naturally attached.  Implementation of SCA of 2010 would be a good thing; however, NMFS also slipped in language that would undermine (and overturn!) State shark fin bans.  

This would undo years of conservation work by dozens of organizations (including COARE) and thousands of people, thus allowing more shark fins to be imported from countries that allow or enable the barbaric and wasteful practice of shark finning.

These State-level bans reduce the *demand* for shark fins, the vast majority of which are imported to the U.S.

However, in their published proposal for implementation, NMFS writes:  

"Several states and territories have enacted or are considering enacting statutes that address shark fins.  [. . .] Depending on how they are interpreted and implemented, these statutes have the potential to undermine significantly conservation and management of federal shark fisheries.  [. . .] State prohibitions on possession, landing, transfer, or sale of sharks or shark fins lawfully harvested seaward of state boundaries constrain the ability of federal fishery participants to make use of those sharks for commercial and other purposes."


These Statewide bans focus on reducing the *demand* for fins, and have little to do with local fishing.  The fin ban in Illinois (which COARE authored) is a perfect example of that.  

Please tell NMFS to remove its preemption language from this proposal and to leave State-level shark fin bans in place!!submitComment;D=NOAA-NMFS-2012-0092-2066

Comments must be submitted no later than Wednesday, 31 July 2013, 23:59EDT (GMT -0400)

Please, please, please submit a comment!  This is the best way to keep NMFS from disrupting years of conservation work and from interfering with the State and Territorial shark fin bans.  Please note that "signing" an internet petition is NOT the same as submitting an official comment; if you haven't already submitted a comment on the official NOAA site, please follow the link and do so.

Your comments are CRITICAL, even if you only write one or two sentences, it will make a difference!

For more information, for talking points, and for sample text, click here.

Thank you!

Remember, everyone has the power to make a difference in our world.

Please lend a hand to save some fins!


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