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Not to go to Saranda, Golem and Korça

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Saranda is a beautiful city located in the south of Albania by the Ionian Sea. In the summer it is one of the main tourist destinations in the country. The climate, the beach, the pedestrian area by the sea, the bars and the restaurants attract many tourists from other cities in Albania and from abroad. The municipality of Golem is located by the Adriatic coast and it boasts a long sandy beach surrounded with abundant vegetation. The city of Korca is situated in the southeastern part of the country. The city has an interesting history and culture and offers an impressive list of attractions from the local cuisine and museums to the beautiful villages and mountains nearby. Three different cities in three different parts of the country, each with considerable potential for tourism. But what tourists do not know is that just before the start of the season the local authorities do their best to clean the beach, the parks, the public areas and city squares from unwanted 'waste'. Despite the law forbidding it, stray dogs are killed using the most barbaric and cruel methods including fireguns and poison. Sometimes the authorities are supported by local businesses who are only too happy to shoot and poison strays sometimes even just metres away from the bar or restaurant. The voices of those protesting against these attrocities are becoming stronger with every incident that is exposed, but it seems that the protest is not enough to stop the massacre. So let's try something else! Let us tell the authorities and everyone who supports this barbarity, that unless they stop, they will not get our money. Are you ready to pledge not to visit these cities and to take a stand against these practices? Yes, you will miss the beautiful sea in Saranda, the beautiful trees in Golem and the beautiful houses in Korca, but what you will not miss is dead bodies on the beach, blood pools on the streets, dog cries and gunshots in the middle of the night. Are you going to help us put an end to this cruelty? Please share this cause and inform everyone who has their heart in the right place. You will be doing Albania and its citizens a favour in the long run. Thanks for caring!


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