Sign the Petition to Al Jazeera Live Egypt's managing director Ayman Gaballah

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It's clear to us that Al Jazeera Live Egypt is biased in favor of former President Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood. The network is clearly promoting the  Brotherhood's agenda and exaggerating its number of supporters, leading over 20 Al Jazeera employees to quit in protest.

One well-known female presenter, Fatma Nabil, resigned early in July, saying: 

"We had the feeling that the channel is partisan in favor of political Islam, and in most cases selectivity is exercised in broadcasting the text messages [of the viewers] on the channel, and even more so in the selection of guests and interviewees."

During this time of political uncertainty, it's important for Al Jazeera's Egyptian broadcast maintain fair and unbiased reporting, without favoring any one point of view. 


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