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Help for a new water system for 600 dogs

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How this will help

While the summer time at the shelters didn't "melt" us yet with extreme temperatures, we are waiting in the next two months very hot weather with almost no rain. Inside and around the shelters everything is green but in just a couple of weeks, it will be burn and "yellow".

The water is vital to clean the space and keep our 600 dogs alive. During the summer time, dogs must have fresh water replaced as often as it is needed. Beside the shelter routine and the known needs, there are special cases of skinny, very dehydrated dogs which our team rescues from the industrial sites that need intravenous special treatment to have survival chances.    

I started to write this appeal to ask ROLDA supporters to help us to buy more stainless steel water (large type) bowls to be placed inside the shelters garden and outside, for street dogs that have found no source of water on the industrial ruins locations.  

But while writing it, I got a very bad news: the water tank must be immediately replaced as water is leaking out of it. Beside the danger of electrocution, the water pump is forced by a broken mechanism to start and stop more often, which will damage the whole system in the next days if we don't replace it NOW!   Of course at the end of June month, when the first problem with water system started, I asked a team of electricians and installers to come and evaluate all the damages and give me a total price for the repairs.

The current bills represent the already purchased items and manpower. The total is 1000 RON, about 225EUR The rest of the repairs are 420 EUR to be done as soon as I raise the total to ask the team to return for final work.   

Please donate by PayPal at [email protected] or using the PayPal button from this page:

Without the water source functional, 600 dogs are in life threatening situation and our work would be impossible to continue the same way.   After this emergency is solved, and it has to be – thanks to you – we can focus on extra large stainless steel bowls appeal  15 EUR – also purchasing extra intravenous treatments for newly rescued dogs' hydration treatment 5 EUR, everything to be ready during the next extreme hot summer weeks. 

Thank you. 600 wagging tails because of your support!


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