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Take the Areas of Concern survey to help protect whales and dolphins.

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How this will help

Save the Whales: Reloaded has inspired the creation of the World Cetacean Alliance, a global partnership of over 30 NGOs, whale and dolphin watch companies, and individuals determined to bring positive change for whales around the world.

The first order of business is to identify which areas are most threatened, and for that we need YOUR help!

So please tell us about your 'Areas of Concern' for whales and dolphins by spending just 5 minutes to complete our questionnaire and mapping the locations.  

The survey can be completed in English or in Spanish.  

This is the first time that members of the public, scientists and other stakeholders worldwide have had the opportunity to contribute their knowledge on the critical issues and locations affecting cetaceans.  Because this survey is being conducted globally, every time you highlight an Area of Concern, that place gets HOTTER.  The hotter the place, the more pressure we can apply to get protection in that location.

Every completed survey will be entered into the World Cetacean Alliance database and used to bring pressure for change.  The preliminary results will be discussed at the World Whale Conference (Massachusetts, Nov 4-7th 2013).  As a result, the Alliance will publish, for the very first time, global and regional maps illustrating hotspots for all of the major issues affecting cetaceans, including critical habitat, whaling, pollution, captivity, fisheries, and vessel collisions. This is your chance to have your say.  

Your Area of Concern could make a world of difference for cetaceans.  Help them by completing the survey now (the survey takes 5-10 minutes).   

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.  Please follow the progress of the WCA on Facebook or at, or contact Laura Williamson for more information.  

Thank you very much!

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