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Dear Cause Members,

Big Cat Rescue Tampa has a new baby bobcat.

Ask the FWC Executive Director and Board of Directors to honor their 180 day rehabilitation regulations and to also review the previous complaints that were not addressed. 

 The FWC Legal Staff and a State Attorney Office's prosecutor have provided the opinion that the use of rabbits as live prey items does not violate Florida Statutes regarding animal cruelty. Therefore, no follow- up investigation into the matter of rabbits being used as prey items by wildlife rehabilitators is warranted at this time.

BCR'S standard Bobcat Rehab Program is 18 months even though Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation regulations state:  Wildlife possessed for rehabilitation purposes may be held no longer than 180 days before it must be released, transferred or euthanized.  

It is our belief that an 18 month rehabilitation more than doubles the amount of Live Domestic Rabbits that will be unnecessarily sacrificed and inhumanely tortured and killed at this facility for no good reason.  

Despite the 5,799 signatures and complaints filed since 2011 FWC has recently given BCR Tampa a Special Permit to Exhibit Rehabilitating Wildlife which means they are now permitted to post photos and videos on the internet of Live Domestic Rabbits being barbarically tortured and killed at their facility without violation.  

Thank you for your continued support, 

For The Rabbits, 
Linda Sue 


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