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Syrian Arab Canadians deserve to be heard and respected. Their everyday life is being affected by the Government's position in the Syrian conflict. The Syrian Canadian community BELIEVE that their Government can and should stand by them and embrace their great y Values by protecting their legitimate rights to help the people in Syria without imposing any sanctions or closing their embassy here in Canada.We the undersigned, members of the Syrian Arab Canadian community and their supporters, are deeply concerned with the humanitarian crisis caused in Syria by the ongoing conflict and economic sanctions. Sanctions have plunged innocent civilians into misery rather than helping put an end to the conflict. Sanctions have already resulted in loss of hundreds of innocent lives and are endangering lives of more. We urge the Canadian Government to distant itself from fueling the conflict and instead support all peaceful efforts to help the Syrians decide their own future and the future of their country by: 1‐ Immediate and unconditional lifting of all sanctions which affects only the Syrian people and prevent us as Canadian from helping and sending humanitarian aids 2‐ Reopen the Syrian embassy in Canada to help and support the basic needs of many Syrian Canadian families who need to renew/issue travel documents and many other legal needs. 3‐ Oppose any act of war against Syria. 5‐ Oppose sending arms to terrorist groups. 6‐ Acknowledge the ignored voice of the Syrian Canadians supporting the legitimacy of the Syrian government and Syrian army. 7‐ Respect and acknowledge the right of the legitimate Syrian government to fight the terrorism of extremist armed groups and respect it’s sovereignty.


Lulwa Kassawat

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The killing must stop. What is going on now cannot continue. Innocent civilians and children are suffering because of the sanctions. Help us by adding your voice to our voice. We are the voice who has not been heard.


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