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San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at a National Women Veterans Association benefit for sexual assault victims in which he is expected to address his ongoing sexual harassment scandal. The group had planned to present Filner with a lifetime achievement award at the benefit on August 30-31, but stripped him of the honor -- though not the speaking role -- once news of the scandal broke.

At a press conference in San Diego, sordid allegations were made about the harassment claims of anonymous women against Mayor Filner and another call was made for the Mayor to step down.  Donna Frye, former city councilwoman, and lawyers Cory Briggs and Marco Gonzalez called for the conference. The women in question are still anonymous, as they are not ready to come forward. 

The claims against the mayor are detailed and alarming. According to Gonzalez, in the Mayor's office, there was something known as the "Filner headlock." It was described this way: the Mayor puts his arm around a woman's shoulder, pulls her in tight, gets in close to her face, asks about husband/boyfriend, says things like "you know you love me, lets go up to my office, no one will know."

Frye described other specifics about one of the victims: "He grabbed her, kissed her, jamming his tongue down her throat."  Frye went on to describe another encounter: "The Mayor quickly had his hand down the inside of her bra." 

Join us by signing the petition requesting that Tara Jones, President of the National Military Women Veterans Association, remove Filner as the keynote speaker at their benefit on August 30-31.


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