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See the end of 7 diseases by 2020

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Will you help us see the end of 7 diseases by 2020? Pledge to see the end, then share our Celebrity Shocker video with friends, family, classmates...anyone you know!

Here's the background: Nearly 1 in 6 people around the world, including 500 million children, suffer from seven neglected tropical diseases (NTDs): Elephantiasis, Roundworm, Hookworm, Whipworm, Trachoma, River Blindness and Snail Fever. What's different about this story, though, is the ending. The great news is that all it takes to treat these seven diseases is a packet of pills, costing 50 cents. With the backing of some major players, including the World Health Organization and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we can actually eliminate these diseases by 2020.

END7 aims to raise the public awareness and funding required to cover the cost of distributing medicine and setting up treatment programs for NTDs. A big problem is that NTDs affect neglected communities -- the world's poorest people. So END7 is about providing them with a voice to help address a big problem. Emily Blunt ("Salmon Fishing in the Yemen," "Devil Wears Prada"); Eddie Redmayne ("Les Miserables," "My Week with Marilyn"); Tom Felton ("Harry Potter" series); Yvonne Chaka Chaka (South African pop star); Tom Hollander ("Pirates of the Caribbean," "Pride and Prejudice"); and Priyanka Chopra (leading Bollywood actress and international recording artist) are featured in the video and are END7 supporters. 

This won't be easy. To end these diseases by 2020 we need to raise money from governments and the public to transport the pills to those in need and set up treatment programs that communities can run themselves. While the diseases have been around for centuries, the global effort to eliminate them is brand new.


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