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Throughout the days of August 17-18th, 2013, I will be running and hiking through 100 miles of high-mountain wilderness around the city of Leadville, Colorado. I will be 'competing' in the Leadville 100 Trail Run,,
traversing the foothills of Colorado's highest peaks and ultimately attaining a
height of 12,600ft.

This event has a 30 hour time-limit -- I will not win.  For me and most competitors, this will be more a competition of human vs. course or human vs. self -- 30 hours to suffer and sweat and stare into the distant hills and valleys beyond. During that time, I expect to run the gamut of emotions - from joy to tears - pain, elation, satisfaction and fear...

All of this is subsidiary and self-imposed.

There is a young girl named Ayverie who has been suffering for
months; having been examined and poked and prodded by countless clinicians. She has a brain tumor that is known as a medulloblastoma
and has been courageously battling the effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Having worked closely with her grandfather for quite some time and after having had multiple family members of my own face cancer, I was drawn to her plight and felt compelled to react. For Ayverie, she will continue to suffer until the time I toe the line in Colorado, she will fight throughout the entire 30 hours I run and when I cross the finish line, while my own physical turmoil subsides, hers will continue.

Her life and the lives of her family have been on hold while she soldiers through treatment after treatment. They have turned their lives upside-down to accommodate the constant trips to the hospital and for those times between hospital visits; when their little girl is too sick to eat or function like that of a child who is well. Spirits are high but tense and there is apprehension around each corner.

It is my goal to do whatever I may for the benefit of Ayverie, her family and to raise awareness of this disease. To this end, I have created the charity "Alms for Ayverie," with all donations going to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium (PBTC) The PBTC currently has open protocols specifically for medulloblastoma research.

Please 'join' me on my run and donate whatever is possible; a one-time donation, a penny, dime or dollar per mile, anything will help and all will be accepted with a heart-felt Thank You!  I very much appreciate your time and donation to this very worthy cause.

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