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Advocate for chained dogs in my community.

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41 People Get Their BRAVE On for the Dogs... 

Published on 16 Jul 2013 

Song "Brave" by Sara Bereilles

41 people chained themselves to doghouses in various sections of the country during Chain Off 2013 to speak for the voiceless; dogs who spend their lives at the end of a chain or in a pen. 

These dogs have no one except US to make a difference for them.

People were chained for 8 hours in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Florida. 

You too can get your brave on next year, or anytime, really, by advocating for chained dogs in your community.

No living being deserves to live this way, especially those who are the neediest creatures on the planet. Dogs Do Deserve Better. 

Check out the Chain Off page at..


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