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All Jamaican artiste and musicians

To the Entertainment Industry, 

    I know a lot of people out there may think I'm crazy, and the answer to that question is yes! I'm crazy with ideas to help, promote and protect my culture and my people, who are fellow musicians and artiste here in Jamaica. I want the entertainment industry to recognize that the genre Reggae belongs to Jamaican's, and not the rest of the world!!! Meaning we are the creators and we deserve to earn from that creation. I know many may have had the idea, but I'm not talking agencies like JACAP, JAMPRO and JIPO, who do not do enough to protect us. 

   Its just about protecting this genre. Each Artiste or musician that is a Jamaican, by birth or by being the birth child of a Jamaican not through naturalization, have the chance as an artiste or musician to gain royalties from that genre. That means anyone that uses the genre who do not fit the descriptions of a true Jamaican, has to pay us royalties for the use of our genre.   

   Now, I know everyone maybe thinking, what will happen to that money collected and where will it go? The answer is right here in Jamaica. Where we will have access and a say in what that money does and its usage, yes we will have an account here in Jamaica which all artiste and musician who are participators will gain from its royalties each quarter. There are thousands of Jamaican artiste and musicians who die and never see a penny of the royalties collected from their work, and with this petition I would like to invite all Jamaican artiste and musicians to sign so that we can make this a reality.

   Think of it, we can invest the money earned into other areas and stocks that will help the numerous amount of Jamaican artiste and musicians that are making the rest of the world money but not the creators. (Jamaicans)  

   My name is Mr. Waynesworth G. Gentles, and I would like to take this to our Youth, sports and culture ministry, to have it past that the genre reggae be a property of Jamaican artiste and musicians. I truly hope that all industry parties takes this serious, we know that reggae is a billion dollar industry, and we are serious about protecting our creations. So I'm asking all artiste and musicians of Jamaican decent to join me in making our genre ours and its earnings. Thank you all for your patients and time.


Mr. Waynesworth G. Gentles


Waynesworth Gentles

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How this will help

Because of the disregard the music industry has placed on the Jamaicans by not giving them what is rightfully theirs.


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