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I pledge to bust myths about women and girls

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How this will help

In many places around the world, myths hold back half of society. Myths yank girls out of school. Myths cause hunger. Myths mean women don't get the health care they need. Myths kill. But throughout history, and still today, courageous women - and men - have worked tirelessly to knock giant holes in age-old myths in the pursuit of gender equality.

Today, we ask you to be one of them. Have you ever heard that "it's a man's world" or "women crack under pressure"? Or worse - seen people acting out these false beliefs at the expense of the women around them? Together, let's take a stand.

Pledge to take action in your everyday life to bust these falsehoods. When you see a woman or a girl being treated differently just because of her gender - speak up. Educate those around you who make jokes at the expense of women. Encourage the women and girls in your life that they can do anything. And most importantly, refuse to let someone else's attitude take you or another woman in your life down.

Take a moment to read our interactive report on The Top 10 Myths About Women & The Heroes Who Bust Them. Every month, we will unlock another myth along with incredible stories of the women and men who refuse to stand for gender discrimination. This month we're busting the myth "Women Can't Lead."

Once you have begun to fulfill your pledge, come back to Causes and tell us your myth-busting stories. We look forward to hearing from you!

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