Sign the Petition to Florida Governor Rick Scott, Florida State Legislature

We urge you to issue a pardon to Marissa Alexander, the mother sentenced to 20 years in prison for protecting herself. 

Marissa was acting in self defense and did not harm her attacker nor those who stood by. She acted to ensure her own safety but had not intention of hurting others. 

We ask for you to take action and ensure the Florida Judicial System does not sentence an innocent woman to 20 years in prison. Act now, and pardon Marissa Alexander immediately. 


James Williams

Last year, Marissa Alexander was at home when she feared for her life in an argument with her husband. Using a gun she was licensed to own, she fired one warning shot into the ceiling of her home that did not harm her attacker. 

Because of this one gun shot, she was sentenced to 20 years of prison under Florida's 10-20-life law. 

Marissa is a mother of a three year old and has spent the last year in jail for her actions. She is currently awaiting the status of an appeal trial and we can help!

We must continue to fight for those who are unjustly convicted.  The struggle continues, but we will continue to fight until justice is served.


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