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We are a volunteer non-profit group, seeking to grow our audience support so that when we speak for animal welfare in Singapore, especially domestic animal welfare, we will be taken more seriously in Singapore. Our aim is to use peaceful engagement strategies to advocate for pet welfare with governmental assistance and employ new approaches to community interventions when pets are being evicted due to government agency policies. 

We are also working to help independent rescuers without organisational backing to raise standards in rehoming processes so that adoptions are seen to be the more superior way to acquiring a pet versus purchases. We seek to be the voice of peace, reason and unity amongst animal welfare groups in Singapore and later on, the rest of the world, so that our collective voices and collaborative efforts can be more effectively heard for the benefit of the cause to help voiceless, innocent animals and the state of society.

Finally, we aim to continue our advocacy work to end the cruelty and neglect in puppy mills in Singapore through influencing policy changes because this is where our work began.  Help us by first, liking our Facebook page at: today!

You can read about our work here:

We also organised the Our Singapore Conversation - Pet-keepers' Edition in collaboration with the Singapore Public Service Division:

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