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Sign this petition demanding justice for Sahar Gul, and invite my friends to sign.

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Dear WAW Supporters, 

Please take a minute to sign this petition and share this petition asking your friends to sign.  Sahar Gul's lawyers have told us that if tens of thousands of people around the world sign, this will definitely help her case.

We are demanding that Sahar's in-laws who imprisoned, tortured, burned, beat and starved her, are immediately prosecuted again.  

By signing and sharing, we will give Sahar the message that she is NOT alone and that the world will not stay quiet in the face of such a travesty of justice. And we will give the Afghan government and court system the clear message that the world's citizens insist that Sahar's torturers be re-arrested and prosecuted immediately.

Please sign, please share,

Women for Afghan Women


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