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Dear Rabbit Advocates,

Despite the 5,798 petition signatures and the complaints filed since 2011 Florida Fish and Game has recently given Big Cat Rescue Tampa a Special permit to Exhibit Rehabilitating Wildlife, which means that they are now permitted to post photos and videos on the internet of domestic rabbits being barbarically tortured and killed at their facility without violation. 

Please review the FWC Response here:

Please continue to fight for the domestic rabbits being killed at this facility (as well as any facility) and continue to help educate the public that this uncaring barbaric practice is unnecessary, unethical, cruel and unacceptable. 

Mystic Jungle Educational Facility (Big Cat Experts) have stood by our side educating the public on the unnecessary feeding of live and dead domestic rabbits to Big Cats in captivity since 2011.   Please review here:

It is important that we continue to work together to end this barbaric practice. Please show your support for MJEF by voting for them in the Sun State Charity Contest.

Please join the following Facebook Group: Help Stop Feeding Domestic Rabbits to Captive Big Cats

Please take a few minutes and Like MJEF on Facebook:

The following Video has scenes of a Live Rabbit being tortured and killed at Big Cat Rescue Tampa

Updates for new complaints will be posted soon.  

Thank you for your continued support.

For The Rabbits, 
Linda Sue


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