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The prestigious DePaul University has provided a "FATHERHOOD STUDY" and asked that we at Fathers4Justice host said survey on our website for you!

I have communicated with many of you in one form or another over the years and I know that the primary concern of Fathers4Justice members is always the same, it's all about our children. The best interest of our children is always paramount on everyone's mind. I also understand your concerns with what is a blatantly corrupt judiciary.  

Bringing about awareness to a corrupt ANTI-family judiciary which makes rulings based on their ability to generate federal funding, this, over the true best interest of our children is nothing short of an act of child abuse.

We must work together as parents to protect our children, they need our love and guidance to become healthy productive citizens in society. Our children are depending upon us, their fathers, their mothers their grandparents, aunts uncles and more. to speak up on their behalf.

Please take the DePaul University "FATHERHOOD STUDY" as found on the Fathers4Justice website at: 

Also, just as, if not more important, is your response to the study. Upon completion please return to our site and post your true feelings on the study as well as your suggestions as to where and how we may make the study more beneficial to all. Change is up to us, "We the people" must always speak up at every opportunity. Thanks for your time and remember...



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